Thursday, July 18, 2013

Killer's Moon

I'm watching a British horror movie about axe-wielding mental hospital escapees who take a schoolbus load of high school girls hostage. The thing is just starting. We see the bus going through the English countryside which is better-looking that I would have thought. I thought Britain just looked like New England. And they have much better-looking buses than we do. The movie was made in 1978. Their tour bus industry was way ahead of ours.

"I can't find the axe," says a camper.

"It's gone!"

"I left it right there!"

Meanwhile, in the big city, some people talk in an attractively wall-papered office.

"As usual in these cases, everyone is acting out of the best possible motives. And, as usual in these cases, I am placed in an impossible and embarrassing position. I may have the best press officer in the world. But I doubt that even he could make this reflect to our credit. Dangerous criminal escapes. And where does he escape from? Not from a prison. Not even from a secure mental home. But from a cottage hospital bed!"

Three deranged killers were being treated with LSD.

Now the bus has broken down.

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