Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Netflix queue

"Why can't I admit that there are some TV shows I'm just never going to watch, even if they're good and on Netflix."
Josh "Elvis" Weinstein on Twitter

I did it. I removed about five hundred movies from my two Netflix queues, for both DVDs and streaming video. Most of them looked pretty good, but I still wasn't going to watch them most likely. There was one I tried watching but the characters talked really fast and it was subtitled. I could read fast enough if I never looked at the picture.

Most were movies I'd never heard of before, but they looked interesting, and if I hadn't added them, I would never have remembered them. Others were movies I would remember----I could remove them and find them again if I ever wanted to watch them. There were ones that looked interesting as historical oddities, but not really entertaining, like a '70s made-for-TV drama about venereal disease.

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