Saturday, August 31, 2013

A few more MST3k episodes on Netflix

A few Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes have become available for instant viewing on Netflix. Among them are The Pod People, Gamera, A Touch of Satan, and maybe one or two others. Soultaker I think.

I always liked MST3k before I started reading what other admirers of the show say about it. From what I see online, many viewers are jerks who thrill at punishing low budget filmmakers by making fun of them. I've noted the irony of stand-up comics acting as hecklers. I don't want to hear any more belly-aching comedians complain about hecklers.

Joel was a prop comic. Mike, in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, couldn't act. Look at him crying, "Crow, you've got to stop!" Even the shot of him grabbing the ladder as Crow breaches the hull was unconvincing. The only one who went on to any success was Josh Weinstein who was the first to leave the show.

But, like I say, I always liked MST3k. I just have mixed feelings about it now.

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