Sunday, August 4, 2013

Can Jaden Smith Read?

Will Smith has shut down his "school", The New Village Leadership Academy, which operated on the "educational theories" of The "Church" of Scientology.

One website claimed that there were children in the school who hadn't learned to read and parents were outraged to learn about the connection to Scientology. The school was kept very small to avoid state regulations.

Apparently Will Smith's kids were homeschooled before this. I don't know who taught them, but the children of his friend, Tom Cruise, were "tutored" by Scientologists. As I've mentioned, this was reportedly one reason Katie Holmes wanted her daughter out of there. Cruise's two adopted children were ignoramuses. They knew nothing about current events, they knew nothing about the world or any religion other than Scientology. This was fine with Cruise who is a well-known dullard, but Katie wanted more out of life for her daughter.

You think that's what the Smiths did? Handed the education of their innocent children over to Scientologists? Is this why Jaden Smith announced he wanted to be an emancipated minor at 15 and buy a house and why his father didn't dismiss the idea? Scientologists believe in reincarnation----they think that children are thousands of years old which is why they can be forced to work and sign away their lives to the "church".

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