Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama, Syria, NSA

Heard anything about the NSA scandal since the Syria stuff started? He'll keep threatening Syria as long it with distract the people from his treachery.

Obama's credibility is gone. Look at the comments on any article on the internet about Syria. One or two people believe Obama, everyone else thinks it was the rebels who launched the chemical attack if there was one. A poll found that only 9% of Americans favor any US involvement in Syria.

Obama claims not to have made a decision. Is he stretching it out as long as possible, or is he spooked by the fact that no one at all in the world supports him?

Bush, Cheney, Kissinger and others are afraid to travel abroad, afraid they'll be arrested for their crimes. It seems like Obama, spying on every person on earth who has an internet connection, would be in greater danger once he's out of office. 

I'm sitting here listening to NPR. They're not exactly objective. For one thing, they keep reporting what Obama "believes" when they're reporting what he says. Are they claiming that his every utterance is a sincere expression of his beliefs?

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