Monday, September 9, 2013

One more Breaking Bad thing

I read a couple of Breaking Bad recaps yesterday and today. I don't remember where.

One suggested that Walter wasn't as smart as we were led to believe. He lies and manipulates people and knows a lot about chemistry, but he was just outsmarted by people he has no respect for--by dimwitted scum including the neo-Nazis who ignored his orders.

In one scene, Walt did what I can't imagine Gus doing. He met with Todd and his Nazi uncle, thinking he could simply hire them to murder Jesse, not recognizing that he was putting himself into serious danger with no protection at all. It reminded me of the scene in Plan 9 From Outer Space when Dudley Manlove and Mona McKinnon lure three armed men into the flying saucer even though they have no way to defend themselves.

But that's what Walt's been reduced to----surrounded by trash, Todd and his Nazi uncle.

I read one article which discussed rejected plot ideas.

One was that Walt, Jr, comes home with a black eye. Walk thinks he was being bullied at school. He plants drugs in the locker of the kid who did it. Then it turns out that Walt, Jr, was the bully and the other kid was protecting himself.

The idea was rejected because the stakes weren't high enough and they wanted to keep Walt, Jr, innocent.

But why is Walt, Jr, so secretive about his phone conversations with Lewis? Could it be that Hank put ideas into his head when he took him out to show him meth addicts? They talked to a prostitute. Did Walt, Jr, realize how affordable many prostitutes are?

The other recap I read noted that Gus had a strict sense of order, Mike had some sort of moral code such as it was, Jesse has a sense of right and wrong, and Walt has----pretty much nothing. Which is what left him dealing with Todd and his Nazi uncle. And Lydia is working with them, too, and doesn't seem to mind.

I just looked at a list of the sixteen worst things Walter White has done. Disagree with several of them:
  • Walter was perfectly justified in the poison-gas-in-the-RV thing he did in the pilot. In fact, good for him! 
  • I'm glad Walter ran over than then shot those two horrible drug dealers who first forced a child to murder a guy and they murdered the child.
  • Walter deserved praise for killing Mike. He would have driven off and escaped any consequence for his horrible crimes.
  • It was bad that he made Jesse kill Gale, but good riddance to Gale. In the list, they call Gale a "true innocent". Well, no, he wasn't. He was producing methamphetamine for the mass murderer, Gus. 
But, you know, it's like the movie, Slingblade. This may be a spoiler if you haven't seen it. But it ends with the slingblade guy murdering a man whose death was a fairly good thing. But the slingblade guy was still locked up for it, and you still wouldn't want the guy wandering around loose. Killing bad people doesn't make you good. You certainly don't want a child hanging around with him.

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