Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stuff I DON'T like about Breaking Bad

Okay, so here's what I don't like about Breaking Bad.

We don't really learn anything about the operation of Gus's drug business except that it seems to completely evaporate when he dies. Makes sense to a degree since the DEA was now onto them. But in the Mafia, everyone just moves up in rank.

For Walt's plan to kill Gus to work, Jesse had to assume for some reason that Walt poisoned Brock, then Walt had to convince him that Gus poisoned Brock for God knows what purpose. He had to assume that Gus would come down to the nursing home to kill Hector and it required that Hector agree to blow himself up. Would Walter have blown himself up under those circumstances? Would any character on the show have been willing to do this? (Might be a clue about that machine gun in the flash forward. Maybe Walter does think it makes sense to intentionally kill yourself while getting revenge.)

How is it that Huell is so good at picking pockets? Was there any explanation for this skill?

Saul knowing a guy who will provide them with whatever service they need----how much of this is there in Albuquerque? There's a guy who will go to prison in your place if you pay him.

If the guy who will whisk you away and give you a new identity in another state or country doesn't turn out to be a serial killer who takes your money then murders you in the desert, I'll be disappointed.

A lot of the episodes are kind of dull. Like the one with the fly.

The hitman with a heart of gold thing is stupid. Mike was a monster. Killing him wasn't so hard after all. I'm sorry his death was so peaceful. (Well, he didn't have a heart of gold, exactly, but they made him into a nice guy and they made like Walt had done a terrible thing by killing him.)

I don't think high school kids pick on handicapped kids that much. In junior high they do, but it's far less common in high school. But maybe they'd pick on Walt Jr in any case.

I don't like the montages.

Jesse is really annoying. I don't like him when he's really emotional and I'm not amused by his use of such words as "yo" and "bitch". I don't think I'll be that upset when he gets killed. He's nice to children, but the poor boy has terrible, terrible karma.

Hank is a horrible person. The racism got old fast.

Is it that easy to claim to have won a fortune gambling? Don't you have to provide some documentation to the IRS? Don't casinos fill out tax forms if you win a vast amount? Why would Walt pretend to be so ashamed of his gambling when all he did was win a fortune at it?

What the hell kind of place is Albuquerque? Are there really child gang members killing and being killed there? Do they really have Mexican drug lords? In an early episode, Walt blows up Tuco's office and no one called 911.

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