Sunday, September 1, 2013

Walt, Jr

Last week's Breaking Bad ended with Jesse kicking in Walter's door and pouring gasoline around the living room. I guess they're going to have to tell Walt, Jr, something now.

Poor Walt, Jr. I guess the actor really was about 15 when the show started. And look at him now.

Here's he is in a recent photo shoot:

On the show, he was being picked on in school, but other than his character being on crutches, he looked like he could beat the crap out of almost any high school kid. His character always seemed rather pitiful, childishly idolizing his monstrous father while his father was much closer with Jesse.

There was also something kind of repellent about him, thrilling to stories of his uncle killing people, laughing at murder victims like Gale----his poor father was horrified, and he was the one who plotted Gale's death.

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