Friday, December 6, 2013

Sound of Music live went okay, I hear

Erin McCarthy tweeted:
Carrie Underwood has a great voice, but she can't act her way out of a brown paper package tied up with string.
Seems like she was singing awfully loud, though. Is that normal? The poor girl never claimed to be an actor.

I watched about 45 minutes of it. I was horrified when the kids came running down the stairs without using the banisters. I would consider that a stunt. It seems like using stairs a lot on live TV was an invitation to disaster. Wonder how many times the kids fell down in rehearsal.

The sound was bad at times, like you could hear an air conditioner going, and I kept expecting to hear a studio audience.

The irony about live performances like this is that they have to be so well-rehearsed that there's no feeling of spontaneity. But if it weren't live, it would just be a made-for-TV movie.

I heard the thing went okay. No disasters.

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