Monday, December 9, 2013

Woody, Mia, Ronan

John Baxter

John Baxter, in his biography of Woody Allen, thought that the fawning biographies of Allen written by Eric Lax contributed to the public's dismay when he broke up with Mia Farrow. Lax's books presented Allen as a living saint completely devoted to his art with an idyllic relationship with Mia Farrow and her children.

And now----now Mia Farrow's suffering the same thing. Throughout that mess, the break up with Allen, the molestation accusations and the custody trial, Mia was presented as an innocent victim, a living saint adopting all those children. She started going to church again. Had all the kids baptized--even Soon-Yi showed up, although she wore jeans. She reportedly had to have surgery on her tear ducts because of all the crying she did. She put a huge crucifix in her bedroom. She said that she was suffering because of all the bad things she had done. She was a single mother trying to protect her children from that very bad man.

So, after all that, she springs it on us that she doesn't know who the father of one of her children is because she was sleeping with a 72-year-old married man at the same time she was in a long term relationship with a man she falsely accuses of being a child molester.

It could be that having all those adopted children who presumably don't know who their biological parents are has made Mia think that announcing to the world that she doesn't know who Ronan's father is wouldn't have an effect on him. Although Ronan could be more like Bud Bundy begging his mother to tell him he was the result of a one night stand with a cool guy.

Hasn't Allen been paying child support all these years? You think he paid for Ronan's college?

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