Thursday, January 16, 2014

Godard's Film Socialisme

I don't pretend to be a movie critic. I don't know what to say about these things. But I watched Jean-Luc Godard's Film Socialisme (2010) now available for instant viewing on Netflix, and thought it was pretty good.

I'm looking at the description on Netflix. They say it's a "character-driven drama".

Really? It was a drama? Those were characters? I didn't follow it at all, then. The weird abbreviated subtitles weren't much help.

It was filmed on the cruise ship the Costa Concordia two years before it wrecked off the coast of Italy.

Watch it and see if I'm an idiot for not recognizing the drama.

Well, Godard's okay. Didn't he have a 35mm movie camera made for him that was as easy to use as a Super 8 camera, all automatic? Cannon had its Canon Scoopic, a 16mm movie camera built like a Super 8 camera, with built in zoom lens, automatic exposure, automatic threading, intended as a newsreel camera. For Film Socialisme, Godard used digital video.

It's all static camera shots which Godard used in the last few movies of his I've seen, and it worked very well. The movie looked great. Filming everything static camera is so much nicer than filming everything with a handheld camera.

I wish he didn't leave in all the wind noise, though.

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