Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paul McCartney needs a beard again

I watched just a few minutes of the Grammys. I'll tell you this. Paul McCartney should take a page from Ringo's book and grow a beard. Just stubble would do the trick. Sir Paul looks old and a beard covering some of that up can do wonders. He dyes his hair, so it's not that he's above concealing signs of aging. It could be that he doesn't want to have to dye his beard, too. He does have a nice head of hair. 

Paul had a beard long ago. It didn't look terribly good. That may be what turned him off to it. I don't know.

I was watching episodes of Wallander, both the British and the Swedish versions. It was different seeing aging actors from a countries where plastic surgery isn't the norm. Kenneth Branagh is in the English version. I don't know who the Swedish actor is. But they both have the good sense to go unshaven even though they're playing cops and the Swedish police presumably have some kind of dress code.

Did Sir Paul have a nose job? His nose seems smaller, which makes him look like an old lady. A beard could be a solution to a lot of problems.

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