Saturday, January 25, 2014

Turns out Justin Bieber is innocent

I felt bad when Justin Bieber was arrested. Now I feel bad that he's probably innocent.

The car rental agency has devices to monitor the speeds the cars were driven and they say they were going under 40 mph. They weren't racing. The boy's blood alcohol level was .014, far below the legal limit. The cop's claim that he was reeking of alcohol was clearly false. Miami Police have serious credibility problems anyway.

It's been reported that he said he got the prescription drugs from his mother. What were they? I'm going to guess that his pediatrician prescribed them for a perfectly legitimate medical need.

Still, I think the young fellow should be living with his mother, he should start getting his tattoos removed, and he should drive probably either a Prius or a late-'80s Volvo. Something conservative, slightly underpowered, with an automatic transmission so he can focus on his driving. He shouldn't have friends in the car to distract him.

No more prostitutes, strip clubs or marijuana. He should take a few Community College classes. Does he have a high school diploma?

Well, good for him, standing up to those thuggish lying Miami cops!

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