Saturday, February 15, 2014

Already tired of Ronan Farrow

I don't think I've ever heard Ronan Farrow speak on TV, but I'm already tired of him.

That may just be because of all the crap I've written on this blog about him and his estranged parents. But it could be that, if Michael Wolff is right and this whole thing was engineered as a publicity rollout for Ronan and an attempt to turn Mia into a celebrity activist, it may have backfired. They may have just turned Ronan into another Rob Kardashian.

Now that Woody Allen has suggested that there's a possibility that Ronan's father was indeed Frank Sinatra, Ronan needs to shut up. You kind of expect a young person to feel he can make rude comments about his own parents, but rude comments about the nice, unrelated old man who paid your way through college is just obnoxious.

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