Friday, February 7, 2014

Fame High

I'm reminded of what Charles Grodin wrote. He went to acting school. His teachers told him that no one would ever hire him talking the way he does. This is because he didn't speak in an English accent. Their idea of good acting was to speak in a British accent.

There was Spike Lee who talked about film school, how the student films that the professors praised were just terrible.

There's that screenwriting guru who's never had a single script produced who charges hundreds of dollars for seminars which completely mislead students.

I'm sitting here watching Fame High, about kids in some sort of "arts" high school in Los Angeles. The teachers berate the students, telling them how to be professionals. But----can they be trusted? Are they miseducating these poor students? Every few minutes, we see some teacher telling them what they have to do to succeed and warning them that they'll fail miserably if they don't do exactly what the teacher demands.

I know people who've succeeded in music, art and acting, and they don't say any of this stuff.

I notice what the kids are studying----classical music, ballet and jazz. Is there money in that?

I think they should teach a course in becoming a YouTube celebrity and then parlaying that into some kind of career.

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