Friday, February 7, 2014

Michael Wolff discusses Mia, Ronan Farrow

Do they really look alike?

Michael Wolff already discussed this in an earlier column. He goes into more detail here.

He argues that the latest crap about Mia Farrow and Woody Allen is largely an effort to advance Ronan Farrow as a celebrity.
We now have an ultimate aspirational resume, truly surpassing all before it, well beyond mere yuppie ambition and into an undreamed of sort of pre-career virtuosity: that of 25-year-old Ronan Farrow, who, without ever hardly having had a paying job, has gone from faceless celebrity-family member to historical entity in the period of a few weeks.
He mentions Ronan's educational achievements and notes that none of Frank Sinatra's offspring have "ever demonstrated, to say the least, an academic predisposition (nor are the Farrows well-known in this regard)..."

He adds later that
Ronan Farrow, with his degrees, could yet be as dumb as a post (outside of the media itself, there are no institutions more craven when it comes to celebrities and their children than academic ones).  [James Franco is living proof of that--w.s.] His visits to Darfur with his mother and general PR-type comings-and-goings among the world's trouble spots might mean he is less a humanitarian than a narcissist. (Indeed, the word "humanitarian" often means attention-seeker and egomaniac.)
He writes:
The media surely knows where its bread is buttered. It has been served up an incredibly rich piece of gossip: a paternity conundrum, no matter how impossible to prove or disprove, involving two of show business history's greatest and most charismatic stars.

What's more, the paternity wrinkle is joined to an evergreen scandal. One might think that Allen's 22-year-old affair with his girlfriend's adopted daughter, given their many years of marriage, apparent domestic tranquility, and two teenage daughters, might seem hard to squeeze for more drama.

What's more, now it turns out that his inopportune relationship was, at least in Farrow's present telling, matched by her continuing involvement with Sinatra. But pay no attention.

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