Saturday, February 8, 2014

Opening of the Sochi Olympics

They were incredible. Impressive. And if you watched it on American TV, you had to listen to a running commentary by sportscasters about how terrible Russia is. They talked as if Vladimir Putin personally designed everything. When they played music that was originally composed for a movie and later used for the evening news, they had to claim that the new in Russia was all propaganda, as if this commentary of theirs wasn't.

The morons hate Russia because they gave refuge to Edward Snowden and wouldn't allow Obama to launch a war against Syria. The American public was overwhelmingly against an attack on Syria as well and have Putin to thank for keeping them out of yet another war. So they pull gay rights out of a bag, wave them around like a Gorgon's head and turn the rubes into stone.

China, by the way, made a number of pro-gay pronouncements before their Olympics, and it had no effect. The US is as hostile toward them as ever.

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