Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ronan Farrow on cable TV

I was right. I haven't heard Ronan Farrow speak before. I said before somewhere that I've never even heard the guy and I'm already tired of him.

I watched a clip of his TV show on MSNBC, and I would have remembered his tinny voice. He's in over his head.

Show doesn't seem very interesting. Farrow is an imperialist like the rest of the warmongering stooges on MSNBC, railing against democratic governments Obama wants to overthrow and defending or ignoring the crimes of dictators he likes.

This is Ronan's first paying job. His official biography states that Woody Allen is his father. No mention of Frank Sinatra.

He's supposed to be so smart, but I see no hint of genius.

Woody Allen was guest host on The Tonight Show, he was a frequent guest on the Dick Cavett Show, you can see him on YouTube interviewing Billy Graham. If Ronan was half as smart as he thinks he is, he'd be over there hanging out with Woody, Soon-Yi, Moses and the girls. Mia can't help him now. 

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