Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mia Farrow on twitter

Elderly Connecticut millionaire "humanitarian" Mia Farrow after
eye lift, cheek implants, a few face lifts, botox, fillers, 
lip augmentation and hair dye.You don't see many 
70-year-old woman with pigtails.

I looked at Mia Farrow's twitter feed. I don't know what kind of "activist" she is exactly. Her main thing is calling for United States to start bombing. She wants to launch wars against Syria, the Central African Republic, Sudan; she hates Russia but can't say why. Is there really no place in the world that a "humanitarian" like Farrow wants the United States to butt out? Is.U.S. bombing Farrow's answer to every humanitarian crisis?

She posted approvingly about Taliban being killed while staging an attack in Kabul. Does it occur to her that the U.S. will soon be pulling out and the Taliban is still attacking at will? The U.S. fought off the attack, but was it a victory or a sign of total defeat?

She was enthusing about Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations, stomping around the Security Council with her panties in a wad. She tried to physically intimidate the Russian ambassador nearly attacking him. She was in enraged that Russia voted against the anti-Russian resolution she introduced. Imagine that. The Russian ambassador told her to keep her hands off him and to stop foaming at the mouth.

Can you imagine the reaction of the roles were reversed? If any Russian ambassador acted like this?

Obama, by the way, dismissed Russia as a "regional power". Even if this were true, look at the region. Russia is enormous. It's "region" includes Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Northeast Asia. They're ready to sign a trillion dollar natural gas deal with China and will be exporting natural gas to Korea and Japan.

It's basically illegal to export natural gas from the United States. That's why it's so cheap here. And it's why the U.S. doesn't have the facilities to export natural gas to Europe. US energy companies want Europeans to boycott Russian gas so they can start exporting it and raise prices in the United States.

Europe is dependent on Russia and will remain so. They pay for Russian gas in Euros which Russia uses for European imports. Look at a picture of a Russian city street and count the German cars. Russia is now classified as a high income country. How much do you think German auto workers care whether Crimea is part of Russia or part of Ukraine?

Crimea voted to join Russia. Obama whines that all Ukraine should have voted on it, but is really just outraged that (according to assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland) the US spent five billion dollars orchestrating a neo-Nazi putsch in the Ukraine but Russia is the only country that benefited. Russia was selling natural gas to Ukraine at a deep discount, less than half the market rate. The discount will end now, and the European Union will be stuck with the bill. The one billion dollars the US just loaned to Ukraine will all go to pay what Ukraine already owes Russia.

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