Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NPR has gotten so bad

Years ago I was working with a guy who didn't trust anything he heard on the news, unless it was on NPR. I told him I didn't see any real difference between NPR and the garbage on Fox News.

Yesterday I was listening to NPR. They were talking to a Boston Globe reporter in the Ukraine. The guy spoke in this sort of patronizing way, and was lying through his teeth.

He falsely claimed that the USSR denied Nazi war crimes happened. The Soviet Union was the one country that evacuated Jews as the Nazis advanced into their country. The reporter proclaimed Stepen Bandera a "Ukrainian nationalist hero" and denied he was a Nazi collaborator---he just happened to fight on the side of the Nazis and receive aid and support from them. And take orders from them. No mention of the massacres of Jews and ethnic Poles Bandera carried out.

Then he claimed that the neo-Nazis who led the coup in Kiev might have given some anti-Semitic speeches a year or two ago, and you can watch them on You Tube. But he said that he talked to some Jews, and they said that they were fine with them. They may have wanted to wipe out the Jews a year ago, but they were sure they had changed and were now just fine.

The woman interviewing this idiot wasn't arguing.

I don't know how listeners react to this. It's hard to imagine anyone sitting around talking about the Ukraine saying, "I heard that they USED to want to kill the Jews, but they don't anymore and the Jews are fine with them now."

I think I gave up on NPR when I heard coverage of events in Libya. After the government had been overthrown, they told about how much better things were, and that they had repealed all the terrible laws Gaddafi enacted protecting the rights of Libyan workers.

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