Sunday, March 2, 2014


I don't think I've seen a thing. I was going to go to Blue Jasmine. I'm rooting for Woody Allen just because of all the morons attacking him. So far, I haven't seen one attack on him that didn't misstate one fact after another. It's not that difficult. But you have the rubes out there who think that Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were married, or that they lived together. People who don't know what a common law marriage is think they had a common law marriage.

For it to be a common law marriage, you have to live as husband and wife for seven years. That doesn't mean living together. It means you have to tell people you're married, you have to file joint tax returns, you have to check the "married" box when filling out official documents such as loan applications. That wouldn't apply to Allen and Farrow anyway because New York state doesn't recognize common law marriage.

But they think that Woody was Soon-Yi's father, or her step-father, or that he adopted her or was a father figure to her.

Soon-Yi is now a 40-year-old millionaire happily married to Woody Allen. She has a degree in psychology from Columbia University, and these half-wits on the internet are telling her that she's a victim?

Her mother didn't think she was a victim. Mia physically attacked her. Soon-Yi hid in her room and finally escaped and never went back. Mia didn't act like Soon-Yi was a victim----she acted like Soon-Yi stole her boyfriend.

Mia's brother is now in prison for child molesting. There are two reported victims so far. Police think there were more. He had been in contact with Mia and her children, so it seems likely that he would have molested some of them, too. But Mia hasn't said a word about it. And she's been actively defending Roman Polanski, testifying on his behalf in court and appearing in documentaries with a fixed smile on her heavily botoxed face dismissing the charges against him.

I don't have any other feelings about it. I hope Woody Allen wins just because he made a serious grown-up movie for a modest $18 million. And I want the halfwits attacking him to be left bewildered that The Academy didn't listen to them.

We'll see what happens.

Sorry. Don't have much to say about the Oscars. Never understood Ellen DeGeneres. Someone did question why the Oscars needed to be hosted by a comedian in the first place. 

Cate Blanchett won. She thanked Woody Allen---there were people who thought she wouldn't. Obviously she would. She already had.

The speeches are going on really long this year. Did they change the rules?

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