Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rich Allen's Side by Each (2008)

Side by Each is a first feature by short filmmaker Rich Allen. A comedy set in Rhode Island. Larry Bryggman plays aging news photographer Saul, called "Salty". Reduced to part-time, his girlfriend kicks him out and he lives in his boat which he's trying to make seaworthy. He's told he's going to have to retire sometime. He says he has almost enough to live on if he lives on his boat and doesn't buy anything.

Rhode Island is full of mafia, but in this movie it's a Portuguese mobster and his French partner who've bought the boatyard, using it to dump toxic waste.They drive around in an old Chrysler-Maserati coupe. I know where I could buy one. Someday, I'll kick myself for not doing it.

Salty falls in love with Blythe Danner not realizing she's a triplet with two identical sisters who have very different personalities which causes him some confusion.

With Paul Benedict (Mr Bentley from The Jeffersons) as the corrupt police chief.

A pleasant movie. Pretty wholesome. No obscene language or nakedness. Some potential violence what with the mobsters. And Salty goes to the bathroom outside. There are things that were a bit weird. Like the periscope.

It hit a bit close to home, about an underemployed single man unprepared for retirement.

Available for instant viewing on Netflix.

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