Monday, March 31, 2014

Ronan Farrow "sort of stinks on TV", says MSNBC source

 Ronan Farrow. He does look like Frank Sinatra!

That's what the New York Daily News is reporting.

His show stinks, he's failing miserably and may soon be canned.

It may be especially traumatic for him since this is his very first paying job. They keep saying he was a "diplomat" and is a lawyer. Where has he worked? Has he had any clients?

"Diplomat" doesn't mean anything. When a CIA agent murdered two men in the street in Pakistan then was arrested taking pictures of their bodies, Obama claimed he was a "diplomat" and had diplomatic immunity. A "diplomat" is like a "clerk". If you don't have a real job title, you're a "clerk".

But one thing----they did point out that he got the job in large part because of his following on Twitter, meaning that, like Justin Bieber before him, he's managed to parlay internet success into a paying job. Except Justin Bieber was a poor boy from Canada and actually did pretty well for himself.

It's not known how much MSNBC paid Farrow except that it was way too much.

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