Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ronan Farrow's kind of a jerk

Above is a tweet by Ronan Farrow. The resolution isn't very good, but you can see Ronan's smiling visage as he enthuses over his "exclusive" footage of the girlfriend of Philip Wood, a passenger on the missing Malaysian airliner, learning that all the passengers were killed.

Farrow deleted it after outraged reaction and tweeted:
the latest on how loved ones received the news - and yes, we will respect their dignity and privacy in what we show.
A week earlier, Mia Farrow tweeted "Has TV 'news' gone completely crazy" with a picture of CNN reporter Tom Foreman in a holograpgic studio with a 3-D Boeing 777.

CNN's Sally Kohn responded: "Does hiring your son support or refute that assertion?"

Looking at Mia Farrow's Twitter feed, that seems to be her life now. About twenty-five "tweets" so far today, including retweets.

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