Saturday, March 22, 2014

Something the Danes think is cute

I'm watching a Danish TV show called Rita about an "outspoken teacher" who is for some reason popular with students. I never heard of it. Thought it would be a cross between Lucas Tanner and Jean Brodie.

But she tells a kid in class that a poem he reads about migrating birds is a poem about "fuck buddies", she ridicules her teenage son when she finds evidence that he masturbates and she tells other teachers about it, she asks her son and his girlfriend how often they sleep together while they're having dinner with the girl's parents. She tells her son that she thinks he's gay. She calls a girl a "Nazi" for being studious and tells her she's "fucking annoying".

What a colorful character. I'm hoping, for the series finale, she'll be hideously disfigured, but I won't be watching. Oddly, there was a sex scene with Rita and the school's principal in his office. The theme song is in English. Available for instant viewing on Netflix.
I hear that European TV writers often don't get paid. Europe is very roughly the size of the U.S. I don't know what the population is. In the U.S., people in Florida will watch shows about people in New York and vice versa, but in Europe, Italians won't watch Danish shows and the Danes won't watch French shows. They're all in the European Union, they're all multi-lingual and they're all perfectly fine with dubbing. But they refuse to watch each other's TV shows, although, weirdly, they will watch stuff from the U.S. I watched an old episode of Bewitched on French TV. It had Napoleon on it. The French have no self-respect.

It would be as if each state in the US had to produce its own TV shows.

I watched a made-for-Israeli-TV movie once, a children's movie. Two Jewish children steal candy and run off. They built a campfire. Then two Palestinian children come and join them. Being an American, I assumed they would distrust each other at first and then become friends. But this was Israeli. The two Jewish children whisper to each other about how "creepy" the Palestinian children are. Then a Palestinian man comes along, sees that the Palestinian kids just want the Jews' (stolen) candy and tells them to leave. Can you imagine the mind that would make something like that?

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