Sunday, May 4, 2014

Could Romney really have been any worse?

I can't see how Romney could have been any worse. Obama has allied the U.S. with Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya and with Nazis in The Ukraine. They aren't even neo-Nazis. They're just plain Nazis, handing out copies of Mein Kampf and quoting Joseph Goebbels in speeches.

In Syria, the US is, in effect, backing ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham), a group which Al Qaeda has criticized for being too violent. They control an area the size of Great Britain in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. is opposing any effort to negotiate an end to the war in Syria and is supplying just enough weaponry to keep it going. They can't take over Syria, so they'll destroy it and kill as many people as they can in the process.

Seymour Hersh has revealed that it was the Syrian "rebels" who launched the nerve gas attacks in Syria as a false flag attack engineered by Turkey to get the U.S. to start bombing.

You would think that the President of the United States would be alarmed at the fact that Al Qaeda is now producing nerve gas. There's no sign that it bothers him. I suppose a nerve gas attack here or in Europe would give him even more power.

Bush was Obama-lite. He generally laid off Latin America, although he made one attempt to overthrow Venezuela's government. He reportedly told the president of Georgia not to attack Russia. When they did so anyway, he didn't try to parlay that into World War Three as Obama is doing in Ukraine.

They blamed Ralph Nader for Bush's "victory" over Al Gore, but how do you know that Gore would have been any better? Gore says he opposed the Iraq war (like Obama did), but I don't know how sincere that was. Clinton wanted to start bombing Iraq. Clinton's Secretary of State stated that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children caused by U.S. sanctions were well worth it. Did Gore oppose any of that?

Gore was always on the extreme right-wing of the Democratic Party. It shows how debased the party has become that he's now considered a "liberal". He had been one of the biggest gay-haters in the Senate, allying himself with Jesse Helms on that issue.

You can't be sure that Gore would have been any better than Bush based on statements he made after his defeat, and you can't tell if Romney would have been any worse than Obama based on his violent right-wing slaverings made after he was humiliated in the election.

There's a difference between the people who voted for Obama and those who voted for Romney, but there was little difference between the candidates themselves.

It's like Cadillac vs. Volkswagen. There may have been a vast difference between the hippies in their VW Microbuses and the Republicans in their Coupe de Villes, but GM and Volkswagen were both a couple of huge corporations trying to rake in as much money as possible. Ralph Nader recognized this. He put out a book called Small on Safety, exposing Volkswagen's depraved indifference to the lives of their customers.

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