Sunday, June 15, 2014

All of a sudden Obama doesn't want to start bombing

Well, that's very strange.

ISIS, a terrorist organization that was criticized by Al Qaeda for being too violent, is about to take over Iraq, an ally of the United States. And, for the very first time since taking office, Obama's not sure if he wants to start bombing. The guy was in office one or two days when he committed his first murder by drone.

The U.S. was allied with Al Qaeda, groups associated with Al Qaeda and groups indistinguishable from Al Quaeda in Syria and Libya. And now in Iraq. I don't know if they're clever or stupid, but unless U.S. policy is to simply cause death and chaos in as many places as possible, it's not working.

Iraq hasn't been taking orders from the U.S. They haven't joined in the war against Syria and they've allowed Iran to fly over Iraq to reach Syria. Could this be the reason Obama wants to see Iraq destroyed? He wants to destroy any county he can't control?

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