Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kirk Cameron denies hating gays

You know why Kirk Cameron is so anti-gay? My theory is that he became aware of a substantial gay following when he was a teen idol. He probably searched the internet and found some gay pornographic Growing Pains fanfiction. That would have to be a bit upsetting to a heterosexual teenage boy no matter how open-minded. Heterosexual pornographic fanfiction would be no picnic, either.

If he wanted to kill whatever attraction anyone felt for him, he's certainly done that.

I watched a little video a website edited together. It took bits of a video on how to minister to gay people. You can watch it here:

 As the Huffington Post says, these are the most embarrassing moments from a longer video. It was clear to me that, when Cameron says "God hates fags" in the video, he wasn't expressing his personal view but suggesting something not to say, but Cameron got whatever religious undergarment he wears into a bunch and said he was being misrepresented.

Poor devil.

Heterosexual teen Kirk Cameron

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