Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Morons at Sony bullied into releasing The Interview

"The remarkably dismal quality is emblematic of the mind-set that brought the movie, and its attendant crises, into being."  -- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

Sony has been cruelly bullied by Barack Obama into endangering the public by releasing their pro-assassination "comedy", The Interview, to theaters.

Naturally, the traitorous millionaire Zionist Seth Rogen and his internet predator "friend" James Franco are ecstatic.

Can't imagine George Clooney getting in line to see it, or special screenings in The White House for the Obama children. Clooney was one of the people "outraged" that Sony pulled the movie.

Pretty much the only people who will see this thing are the morons who would have gone to it anyway. But there could be a few rubes out there who will think they're really socking it to North Korea by seeing it. They're in for a let down.

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