Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shia LaBeouf "raped"

Am I wrong to be utterly indifferent to the alleged attempted "rape" of Shia LaBeouf?

I didn't really understand it. She was whipping his legs and nobody noticed?

I'm not blaming the victim here, but the guy DOES go around starting fights like an idiot. He attacked his neighbor with a knife. You can watch video of him hopping around like a boxer trying to fight with some guy on the street. He was physically helpless all of a sudden? If he had been the victim of some other crime, like if the woman had come in and started whipping his legs and then DIDN'T attempt to rape him, I don't think it would unreasonable to suggest that he should have called for help. If someone had come in and stolen his keys and his credit cards you'd expect him to say something.

And, also, after all that crap, after the plagiarism and the repeated fake "apologies"---he ripped off an artist and paid a skywriter to do a fake apology, but wouldn't simply pay the person whose work he stole. All this was going on. He was scum. Starting fights in bars, disrupting plays. And you just knew he was going to get away with it. Nothing would ever happen to him. He would continue living a charmed life, raking in millions. How are we supposed to feel about this?

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