Thursday, July 31, 2014

Justin Bieber vs Orlando Bloom

Pathetic middle-aged cuckold "Orlando Bloom" with his wife,
Miranda Kerr, who also happened to sleeping with Justin Bieber.

I guess I'm pro-Justin Bieber. I don't think I've ever heard the boy's music, but first he was attacked by bloated Zionist Seth Rogen. Rogen looks like a fat version of child rapist Bryan Singer and hangs around with admitted internet predator, James Franco. You can't even say his name, Seth Rogen, without sounding like you have a speech impediment.

Now a creepy middle-aged British "actor" called "Orlando Bloom" tried to punch Justin but effeminately missed and hit his bodyguard who was apparently just amused at how girlishly ineffectual "Orlando" was and didn't slug him.

Apparently "Orlando" had his panties in a bunch because Bieber slept with his wife, Miranda Kerr. Kerr could hardly stand to look at her "husband" after being in the arms of a real man and wisely divorced him.

The middle-aged British cuckold, who looks even older than he really is, tried to get even by hitting on Mouseketeer Selena Gomez but the horrified girl naturally rejected him. Obviously creeped out, she had to publicly deny rumors SOMEONE was spreading that they were a couple.

"Orlando" is a member of a quasi-Buddhist religious cult. It's the Scientology of Japan. They don't believe in any of the principles of Buddhism, but they think you can get anything you want by chanting "Nam myoho renge kyo".

I had some of the idiots from that cult try to recruit me before. Strangely, they all had speech impediments. And they told terrible stories.

One said that they were "protected". A group of cult members missed their plane, and it crashed killing everyone on board. Another said that there were some cult members who needed money, so they chanted for it, and then they got word that a relative had died and left them just the amount of money they needed!

"That's monstrous!" I said.

"Oh, it was some relative they didn't know very well," she said.

She then told me about some cult members whose children suffered a series of accidents and serious health problems, one after another, but, because they chanted, the children didn't actually die.

This is the idiot cult "Orlando" joined.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Against a Crooked Sky

This was a 1970s family film, produced by a company called Doty-Dayton in Utah. It was a western about a boy who searches for his sister who has been abducted by a strange tribe of Indians with gold headbands.

In the opening scene of Against a Crooked Sky, we see a teenage farm boy frolicking with his favorite farm animal, a suckling calf. He stops to spy on his teenage sister who is swimming naked in a pond. Then he dresses the calf in her clothes.

What does this add up to? What were they suggesting?

If it had been a Luis Buñuel movie, what would it have been suggesting?

The difference is that the perversity in Buñuel's movie was an affectation. The surrealists studied psychological symbolism and injected it into their movies. Here, it was completely sincere. The Mormon producers were oblivious to the meaning of what was spewing from their subconscious minds.

Obviously, the farmboy was so turned on by his nude sister that he wanted to dress the calf up like her while having sex with it.

Later, when the brother and sister try to flee the Indians, he slows them down because he didn't want to leave his sex calf behind. The girl might have gotten away otherwise.

When he begins his search, he encounters Richard Boone at his most repulsive. Boone keeps talking about the time he murdered his son by slitting his throat, reflecting the Oedipal conflict between the two. Boone even mentions how good-looking his son was. When Boone says, "He took after his ma", it has more than one possible meaning.

I'm probably making it sound more interesting than it was. It was just terrible. It's public domain if anyone wants to do a remake.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

That airliner shot down in Ukraine

Many years ago, I was sitting up late one night watching C-Span in a motel room on the coast. Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut were being interviewed on stage. And Heller said that, whenever there's a disagreement between the U.S. government and a foreign government over some matter of fact, the United States government is lying.

And, yeah, it's true. I can't think of an instance where this hasn't been the case.

Keep it in mind when you look at the business over the Ukraine. I don't know what the truth is. But I wouldn't take the word of Obama or the puppet government in Ukraine.

Seymour Hersch has already exposed Obama's lies about the chemical weapon attack in Syria. Obama instantly declared that it the Syrian government that did it, but the CIA and U.S. military intelligence determined it was carried out by the "rebels" as a false flag attack to get the U.S. to start bombing.

Now the same thing has happened. Obama instantly announced that the rebels in Eastern Ukrainians were responsible.

The Malaysian airliner deviated from its course so it went over territory controlled by rebels. And Ukrainian air traffic controllers ordered the airliner to fly at a lower altitude. The Malaysians have demanded an explanation for this, the Ukrainians haven't answered.