Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pornography, an ugly word for a dirty business

It's like drug addicts. There used to be drug addicts with hundred-dollar-a-day habits (back when a hundred dollars a day was good money) and I always thought, if only they could have that drive to make a hundred dollars a day without being drug addicts!

I told someone this, and he pointed out that drug addicts often make their money through theft and prostitution.

With pornographers, look at these guys. There was Joe Francis who ran Girls Gone Wild. He was raking in a fortune. His business was essentially legal. Yet he keeps getting arrested. The laws are clear and easy to follow, but he keeps violating them for no good reason. He was in jail on one charge and didn't bother bailing himself out since he would just be arrested again on tax charges. Then he was accused of trying to bribe guards to bring him bottled water.

Now a guy called Hunter Moore who ran a "revenge porn" site---scumbags could post nude photos of their ex-girlfriends---has pleaded guilty to unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft. He paid someone to hack into email accounts to steal nude photos.

There may be money in pornography, but you can't go into it for the money. You have to go into it because you're degenerate scum. Then you can't enjoy your wealth and you end up in prison because, again, you're degenerate scum. You can't win.

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