Saturday, March 28, 2015

Giant Gila Monster

The Giant Gila Monster wimped out. A 1950s horror movie. Rather bad in some respects. The special effects consisted of a Gila Monster walking around on a miniature set. You never see an actor in the same shot. Of course, that wouldn't have fooled anyone anyway.

It was a hot rod movie. A young hot rodder named Chase Winstead works as a mechanic, supporting his widowed mother, his disabled little sister and his French girlfriend in rural Texas. He's saving his money to buy leg braces for his sister so she'll be able to walk. He's also friends with the sheriff who seems to be the only cop in the area, and he's leader of the other hot rodders, making them behave.

And he's a singer. Doesn't have a band or anything, but he has a banjo-like ukelele.
The movie starts with two teens snuggling in their car when the Giant Gila monster attacks. The boy's father is an obnoxious rich guy who threatens the sheriff if he doesn't find his missing son. The sheriff then goes and talks to the girl's honest, decent, working class parents.

Chase Winstead's father was killed working on one of the rich guy's oil rigs.

In the end, the rich guy somehow has the power to fire the sheriff, take his badge and become sheriff himself.

Would the movie have been better if the rich guy had died a horrible death while Chase and the sheriff do nothing to help him?

The sheriff could say, "Let him bleed!" like Walter White.

Should Chase have been more tormented? Should he have had scenes in his room of him yelling at God, like Robert Duvall in The Apostle? He's a nice guy. Why must he suffer so?

You'd think that a giant poisonous lizard attacking cars and eating people would be enough to carry a movie, that you wouldn't need all the subplots.

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