Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson, Jimmy Savile

You have to be pretty good-looking to be referred to as a "bad boy" instead of "a dick."
--J. Elvis Weinstein
So, the BBC learned its lesson. They spent decades covering up for pedophile, necrophile and probable child murderer Jimmy Savile and his pal, Rolf Harris. Harris is now in prison for child molesting.

They just fired violent racist BBC star Jeremy Clarkson. The British millionaire physically assaulted a producer, punching him repeatedly for thirty seconds until a witness intervened. Clarkson flew into a rage when the victim informed him that it was too late to get hot food from hotel room service. Clarkson couldn't have steak and chips.

Clarkson is 54. Rather astonishing. He doesn't look a day under 75.

Look at comments on the internet to see the kind of English scum that support Clarkson. They were attacking Clarkson's victim, calling for him to be murdered in some cases.

Many years ago, I was in Salt Lake City. I visited a Mormon museum. It was full of stuff from the Mormon pioneers.

One of the items was the most hideous, repulsive ventriloquist dummy I had ever seen. I don't think it was a ventriloquist dummy----it sort of looked like one, but I don't know what its function was. But people were supposed to look at it for entertainment. That was when it really hit me how horrible it must have been for the Mormon pioneers. I couldn't imagine having to look at that thing.

Now I'm beginning to wonder about the British. Jimmy Savile was their biggest celebrity. He was huge----able to get away with monstrous crimes. Can you imagine an American star so big that he would be allowed to spend the night in a morgue abusing the corpses?

Look at Savile. He was repulsive. Even if you didn't know he was a child molester, necrophile and murderer you would think he was repulsive. And yet, when the British looked at him and saw Cary Grant, Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt----and I don't now who else because I'm not really a judge of male beauty----all rolled into one.

And now we're finding out that the Brits love Jeremy Clarkson just as much. He's their one big star. This horrible, prematurely aged troll whose whole act is to be as obnoxious as possible. To them, he's a young Paul Newman. He's actually the BBC's biggest star, if you can believe that.

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