Saturday, March 7, 2015

Nevada Smith

Watching Steve McQueen in Nevada Smith. A revenge movie. A western. Steve McQueen was way too old. He was 36. They keep calling him a kid. In the script, the character was 16. When his parents are horribly murdered, his mother skinned alive, Steve McQueen goes after the killers. He stops in his pursuit to get shooting lessons from Brian Kieth.

I don't know if stopping to be trained in gun fighting is an especially good use of his time. It may have been more interesting if he wasn't very good at it and was fighting people who were.

Like the Soviet World War Two movie, The Dawns are Quiet Here. A group of women operating an isolated anti-aircraft gun shoot down a Nazi transport plane. They see the pilot parachuting out. They grab their rifles and run out to capture him not realizing that the plane had just dropped twenty highly trained Nazi paratroopers. 

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