Friday, April 3, 2015

Watched several movies

Watched several movies the last couple days.

John Waters' Cecil B Demented really wasn't very good. Maybe because it was a movie about making movies. This was Waters' Day for Night except Day for Night wasn't awful. It was all one note. Not very good. Sorry.

A Colt is My Passport. I didn't entirely understand the title since the guy had a Baretta not a Colt, and he had a valid passport in the first place. A very stylish Japanese gangster movie. Black and white. It's hard for me to care about gangsters. I say kill them all. Made in the late '60s. The music seemed to be influenced by spaghetti westerns. It had guitar and whistling. Like a minimalist rendition of a spaghetti western soundtrack.

Several movies by Mark Rappaport are on Fandor. They were interesting. He used a lot of green screen, (or rear screen projection, or front screen projection) his movies had very small casts and were entirely verbal with a lot of dialog and narration. You should watch them. See what you think.

Watched Rappaport's "Postcards"---a couple's relationship evolves as they exchange postcards while the guy is on an extended business trip, two more short films, "Mur 19", "Blue Streak", and feature films The Scenic Route, Mozart in Love, Chain Letter, Local Color, and Imposters which I enjoyed the most so far.

Still need to see Exterior Night.

Rappaport's documentary The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender about gay undercurrents in Hollywood movies was great. Several more I have yet to see.

I remember seeing some of this on Siskel & Ebert years ago (back when it was Sneak Previews on PBS). They showed clips of Rappaport's "Mark Rappaport: The TV Spinoff".

I wonder what movies that nutjob Ray Carney is depriving us of.

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