Saturday, May 2, 2015

Charlie Hebdo, PEN Freedom of Expression Courage Award

Many years ago, back in the late '70s, I was looking at a book of political cartoons by Tony Auth. The introduction to the book included a letter and a drawing sent to him by a 5-year-old with a suggestion for a cartoon. The child's cartoon showed Richard Nixon riding a bicycle naked with the caption, "Let me make this perfectly clear."

That kindergartener's cartoon was far more intelligent and drawn almost as well as the crap in Charlie Hebdo. 

Now I hear Charlie Hebdo has received some sort of PEN award for free expression. Pro-Israeli feminist Katha Pollitt wrote some nonsense in The Nation claiming that the magazine was somehow actually anti-racist.

It's too bad for them, but if those guys were really France's greatest cartoonists, their deaths might be a boon to cartooning as an artform. It gets them out of the way and hopefully makes room for someone who can actually draw and has something funny or intelligent to say. Just trying to look on the bright side.

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