Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dustin Diamond on trial

Dustin Diamond when he was younger and better-looking. 

He's obviously guilty

So, it seems that, sometime before he stabbed a man in a bar, Dustin Diamond threatened to murder another patron because he refused to "chug" a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. This was something calling "Icing"---it had been a fad among frat boys for a short time about five years ago.

"You've been iced. Get on your knees and drink this," Diamond said.

The guy refused. Diamond sent his "fiancee" over to try to persuade him. Then Diamond walked into the middle of the room and said, "Don't make me stab someone on Christmas."

Diamond has made death threats before

Diamond makes threats like this a lot, and on national television. In 2008, he threatened Brian Dunkleman on Celebrity Fit Club: Bootcamp.
Diamond: No, you don't understand. People better watch their ass, because I could show up at your house and fucking knife you in the gut.

Dunkleman: That's a weird thing to say.

Diamond: Hey, you piss me off and I justify it and I have the skill and technique [Diamond made a faux karate chop with his hands] ... You'd better watch your ass. I'll gut you motherfucker. You watch your ass. I'll kill your fucking ass!"
Diamond claimed to be in contact with the terrorist group The Jewish Defense League. This wasn't long after the leader of the JDL, Irv Rubin, committed suicide in jail while awaiting trial for plotting to blow up a mosque and to bomb the office of U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa. Issa was of Lebanese descent. 


They're reporting that Diamond won't take any plea deal that includes jail time.

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