Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Donald Trump and a pitiful girl on TV

Long ago, there was some TV news magazine that was doing an episode on pornography. One segment was a heavy set girl, a porn actress, very cheerful and enthusiastic, who thought she was going to parlay her porn work into a legitimate movie career and that she would some day win an Oscar for best director! Her parents shook their heads sadly.

She didn't seem to have any thought about the movies she wanted to direct, or anything about directing as a job. But she knew she wanted to win an Oscar for it. The Oscar was the goal. Being a director wasn't. Just the Oscar. And it had to be for best director.

That being the case, taking the porn route may well have been her best bet. Her chances of success were practically nil, but that's better than absolute zero. Who knows---maybe we WILL see her walk up there to accept her Oscar.

And that's how it is with Donald Trump. There's no way he's going to become president. But if he acted like a normal, respectable person, his chances would be even worse. If he wants to be president, this is his only hope slim as it is.

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