Saturday, July 18, 2015

My God. Donald Trump has a point. Almost.

Donald Trump attacked John McCain, calling him a dummy, ridiculing his "war record" which consisted if his bombing civilians, being shot down and being a prisoner of war.

Trump only attacked him for being captured. If he were a little more on the ball, he would point out that McCain was a traitor. His nickname among the Vietnamese was "Songbird" because he went in singing. Chattered away, telling everything he knew.

Other prisoners, by the way, have said that McCain was not tortured, at least not when he claimed he was.

The Vietnamese have said that he wasn't tortured and told how they got him to talk. They knew who McCain was when they captured him. They knew that his father was an admiral and that his grandfather had a ship named after him. They knew he was used to getting special treatment, so they moved him into another hospital, had him treated by Soviet doctors. They had officers come in to meet him, acting excited to get to meet such an important man. Imagine a Vietnamese officer thrilled to meet John McCain!

He told them everything. Vietnamese air defenses became more effective and U.S. bombing less effective, which is fine with me.

A Spanish psychiatrist interviewed American POWs in North Vietnam and diagnosed McCain as a psychopath. He blathered about how he wanted to be an astronaut and he complained that now he wouldn't be able to become an admiral at a younger age than his father. When asked if he felt any sympathy for the civilians he bombed, he said "NO, I DO NOT." (McCain himself told the same story about talking to the psychiatrist.)

When he was running for president, the lapdog press reported on the special treatment McCain got as a POW and how Vietnamese generals came to meet him, but the fools took it at face value. They didn't know (or pretended not to know) that they were manipulating him and reported that the Vietnamese somehow sensed what a great man John McCain was.

McCain's a racist. He freely told reporters that "I hate the gooks. I'll hate them until the day I die."

Hates them because they rescued him and saved his life after he bombed them. A Vietnamese civilian came out of a bomb shelter and swam into a lake to pull McCain to shore. McCain volunteered to bomb Vietnam because he thought it would advance his career, then was infuriated that they shot him down and took him prisoner.

What a dummy.

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