Saturday, March 5, 2016

Girl Scout cookies

I didn't want them but I bought some Girl Scout cookies. What could I do? The girls probably wouldn't care, but I'd feel guilty if I didn't.

I've bought stuff from Boy Scouts even though I'm anti-Boy Scout. Even when I was a kid I didn't approve of the Boy Scouts. 

But the last time I went past a table where they were selling Boy Scout stuff, the Boy Scout didn't say anything to me, his mother didn't say anything to me. I wasn't avoiding eye contact with them. They just looked at me and either thought I was impoverished or that I would lash out at them for barring gays and atheists from their organization. I was rather hurt. Like the time I had a brief but pleasant conversation with a couple of Mormon missionaries and then they just walked off having made no attempt to convert me. I could literally burn in hell for all they cared.

Then there was the time some high school kids were having a car wash fundraiser. I had them wash my car. The car was old and in kind of bad shape. Two hubcaps were missing, the paint was peeling, the door handle was broken. I had a couple of large trash bags full of bottles inside and the car was full of other crap. And it was my day off so I wasn't terribly well-groomed.

There was no set price for the car wash---just a donation and that was optional. When they were done, they walked off and seemed to assume that I wasn't going to pay them and I realized that they thought I lived in the car. So I paid them more than a real car wash would have cost. Made them think I was a wealthy eccentric.

So yesterday I bought some Girl Scout cookies. I told them to keep the change as a donation. The mom cheerfully told me that they use the donations to buy Girl Scout cookies to send to the troops. I didn't want to pay for Girl Scout cookies for the troops---I wanted to donate money to the Girl Scouts. For the children. But I thought, well, okay.

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