Monday, April 11, 2016

Only (Canada, 2008), I'm a good person/I'm a bad person (Canada, 2011)

Watched a very nice movie on Fandor, Only, made in northern Ontario, Canada, in 2008 by Simon Reynolds and Ingrid Veninger. About a kid who lives with his parents at their motel. He sleeps in the rooms, swims in the pool. The bulk of the movie is him hanging around with a girl staying there with her parents.

Reynolds and Veninger play the kid's parents. The kid is played by Veninger's son, Jacob Switzer.

As Francois Truffaut noted in one of his interviews with Alfred Hitchcock, seeing kids in movies doing things they're not supposed to endears them to the audience. In this film, we see the kid sleeping in one of the rooms with potato chips he was eating in the bed. He walks through the halls in his underwear and goes swimming in the pool. His parents have trouble getting him to do the work he supposed to do but are still amused by him.

Saw another movie also starring and directed by Ingrid Veninger, I am a good person/I am a bad person, also available on Fandor. Her son appears in it, too, in a much smaller role.

Veninger plays an arthouse film director going to film festivals in Europe. She performs an oral act of love on her husband before she leaves and, later, there are a couple of scenes of her sitting on a toilet. I'm not even related to her and I don't want to see her doing that stuff. Imagine how her poor son must feel. The poor kid appeared in a movie he couldn't possibly want to see. His first scene is him calling his dad for something while his father and mother are committing their crime against nature.

The kid was in a movie but he can't tell his friends for fear that they'd watch it. "Dude! That was your MOM?"

Movie was more interesting than I'm making it sound. I liked it. Filmed in Toronto, Paris, Berlin, and Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. At one point, her confidence is shaken by a rude question from the audience. Don't ask filmmakers rude questions!

I hope to heck she doesn't google herself and read this.

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