Sunday, May 1, 2016

Daratt, (Dry Season)

Made in Chad in 2006.

In order to bring a 40 year civil war to an end, the Chadian government declares an amnesty on war crimes. Outraged, a blind grandfather hands his fifteen-year-old grandson, Atim, a pistol and sends him to the city to murder the man who murdered his father. His father had been killed before he was born. The kid sets off to kill a man he doesn't know to avenge the murder of his father who he never met.

His intended target is now very religious. He operates a small bakery and hands bread out to children who gather outside. The kid becomes an apprentice at the bakery. He sullen and speaks very little. The man had his throat cut during the war and now has to hold an electrolarynx to his throat to speak, so there's not much conversation.

Interesting movie. A bit slow. Reminded in some respects of some of the movies from the Peoples Republic of China, like Er Dong. It looked great, filmed mostly static camera. Cost $1.7 million.

Available on Fandor.

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