Thursday, October 20, 2016

We're doomed

When asked if he would accept the election results if he lost, Trump should have said, "I don't know. What difference would it make? What does that even mean?"

Clinton's campaign has claimed that Trump and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are Russian agents. They claim that Russians have hacked everything and will stop at nothing to put Trump in the White House, but, for some reason, couldn't possibly hack the electronic voting machines even though it's been proven it could be easily done. Would Clinton accept the election results if she lost? If so, why?

By the way, there is one poll which shows Trump ahead by one point. It claims to have a 3.6% margin of error. So, hell, maybe he has a 4.6% lead. How can he lose?

Whoever wins, it will be a nightmare. Even if they do nothing objectionable, just having to look at either one of them and listen to their voice for the next four years would be too much.

And it will only be four years. Neither one of them would have the slightest chance of winning if they weren't running against each other. Wikileaks revealed that Clinton's campaign was aware of this. They were trying to somehow coax Trump into running before he had entered the race. There's no way either one could win a second term.

If Clinton wins, she won't be running against Trump four years from now. We'll end up with Ted Cruz or someone even worse in the White House. If Trump wins, at least it will inoculate us against that horror.

Jimmy Carter said he'd prefer Trump to Cruz, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad a thing.

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