Friday, November 25, 2016

My Thanksgiving

Had a lovely Thanksgiving. I didn't argue when my kin blathered about Donald Trump being a Russian agent.

But everyone was thrilled to hear that Jill Stein was raising money to pay for a recount in Wisconsin. They couldn't keep their McCarthyite slaverings straight----the Democrats had already denounced Stein as a Russian spy.

"I've seen a lot of evidence that the Russians hacked the voting machines," my brother-in-law said.

There's no evidence they were hacked at all.

The claim that the electronic voting machines were hacked was based on the fact that election results varied from county to county. Some counties had electronic voting, some had paper ballots. But they also had different demographics which explain different results. It's possible they were hacked, but there's no reason to think that they were.

Trump visited Wisconsin five times during the campaign. Clinton ignored the state completely. Could that have played some role in Trump winning there?

The problem is that my family has no actual political opinions---they just picked a politician to support and started worshiping. I find Trump less alarming in the short run because Clinton made it clear that she intended to start a war with Russia. Her campaign consisted mostly of war propaganda demonizing Putin.

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