Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump protests

Someone got shot in Portland, Oregon protesting Trump's election.

I guess it's good that they're protesting, except for the shooting thing. Some of the protesters are anarchists who, strictly speaking, should protest no matter who won. But where were they while Libya was being destroyed? Under Obama, the US bombed seven countries and there was no anti-war movement to speak of in the United States.

There was the panic not long ago that Trump supporters might take to the streets when he lost the election. This was after Trump said that he might not "accept" the election result. Now look what's happening.

Hillary Clinton's campaign consisted mostly of war propaganda. She was trying to pass herself off as a feminist. A reporter asked her what women she admired and she answered "Pussy Riot". She wouldn't answer a straight question on feminism except by professing hatred for Vladimir Putin.

They called Sanders a Communist, they called Trump a Russian spy; even the head of the FBI was branded a Russian agent.

It never made sense. They went on and on about the "nuclear codes". If Trump is Putin's "puppet", why would he start a nuclear war? If Putin wanted a nuclear war, all he'd have to do is start one. Their only basis for calling Trump a Russian agent is that he wanted detente with Russia which seems like an entirely positive thing. I don't see any drawbacks.

Well, anyway, after the initial relief of Clinton's truly humiliating defeat, we're facing the horror of Trump with a Republican congress.

So often, presidents end up being far worse than their most bitter opponents ever dared imagine. With all the stuff Trump's been accused of, anything short of actual Nazism will come as a pleasant surprise.

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