Monday, November 21, 2016

Warren Beatty, Reds, Trump

Remember the beginning of the movie Reds? Warren Beatty as John Reed recommends voting to re-elect Woodrow Wilson. He says that Wilson will get the US into World War One eventually, but his campaign slogan is "He Kept Us Out of War", so he'll have to wait a while before he does.

I didn't vote for either of them, but that's why I thought Trump was probably the lesser evil. Clinton made it clear that she would immediately escalate the war in Syria and wanted a "no fly zone" over the country which would mean war with Russia. That could kill us all.

Trump sort of opposed intervention, but so did George Bush when he was campaigning. For that matter, when Obama was elected, he and Clinton pretended they wanted to improve relations with Russia.

Trump is no picnic, but Clinton is a monster. I'm relieved she lost.

But the election is over with. Clinton's washed up. I should relax and start hating Trump.

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