Saturday, December 10, 2016

CIA claims about Russian hacking

Mrs Anthony Weiner and multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton.
So, the CIA is claiming that Russia hacked the DNC and handed what they found over to Wikileaks. And they were trying to help Donald Trump get elected because they hacked the RNC emails, too, but didn't make them public.

It's as much an attack on Wikileaks, trying to turn liberals against them, as it is war propaganda against Russia. Julian Assange has said that they didn't receive the emails from Russia and he is infinitely more credible than the CIA.

Even if you believe that Russia did hack the DNC, and even if you believe they handed what they found over to Wikileaks, the emails showed that the DNC sided with Hillary Clinton in the primaries, actively undermined Bernie Sanders' campaign, cheated in the debates and tried to promote Donald Trump's candidacy because they thought he was the only candidate Clinton could beat.

The only thing they might find in Republican emails was horror that Trump was winning the nomination. If they did anything improper to stop him, it would just show that he triumphed in spite of it. How would that hurt his campaign?

If the Russians did anything to undermine Clinton, it was because she made it as clear as she possibly could that she intended to start a war with Russia by declaring a "no fly zone" over Syria, something the United States has no right to do. If they prevented World War Three by embarrassing that idiot Podesta, good for them.

The Russians didn't trick Hillary Clinton into not campaigning at all in Wisconsin. Instead she kept visiting Arizona (which she lost.) They didn't trick her into using a private email server and lying about it again and again. They didn't plan her terrible TV ads that did nothing but attack Trump's "temperament". And they didn't fool the DNC into backing a cackling, hopelessly corrupt warmongering, money-grubbing neoliberal who nobody likes.

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