Monday, December 26, 2016

It's all over

The Electoral College has voted. It's all over. Trump will be president.

Yes, I know this happened several days ago, but I'm slow to react.

I figured that all the nonsense about "Russian hacking" was mainly to give them an excuse to install Clinton in the White House. The attacks on Russia did abruptly stop once the Electoral College voted.

We had two really terrible candidates for president and it was exactly what the DNC wanted. They conspired to undermine Sanders' campaign AND to get Donald Trump nominated. They thought he was the only candidate Clinton had a chance against. They were wrong. They're responsible for all this. And that was the other reason for the accusations against Russia---so the DNC wouldn't purge itself of these morons and would continue the same losing strategy.

They go on and on about the "free air time" they gave Donald Trump. Like Hillary Clinton couldn't get on TV? Not even Rachel Maddow could get an interview with her.

We could have had Sanders as president. Now. Now we have Trump. Horrible, horrible Donald Trump. How could anybody like that guy?

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