Saturday, December 31, 2016

Two Thousand Seventeen

                                  "CNN still handling New Years Eve as if it has
                                   credibility to spare after this year."
                                  --J. Elvis Weinstein

What will 2017 bring? Whenever I hear war propaganda against Russia, I'm glad that Trump won the election, but my sense of relief won't last long. It will be a nightmare. But I'm sure we can sweat it out for four years.

The problem is that, by blaming their defeat on Russia, the morons in charge of the DNC have evaded responsibility for the most humiliating defeat ever. They'll stay in control of the Democrat Party and lead it into another disaster. If they do manage to take back the White House in four years, it'll only be because Trump was worse than anyone ever dared imagine.

But here it is, 9:25 PM. It's been 2017 for almost half an hour on the east coast and I should go to bed now. Anderson Cooper is on TV. He and Kathy Griffin are doing the new year's eve thing on CNN. Anderson Cooper laughing at Kathy Griffin sounds strangely painful. The mirthless laughter of the damned.

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